1 Litre - Pasteurized

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100% Natural Goodness!

Just as we care for our camels with tender and love, we take care of their milk. From milking in our camel friendly commercial dairy to pasteurizing and bottling in Australia's advanced camel dairy factory, rest assure our camels' milk is naturally delicious and delivered from our farm to your table.  

The taste of Camel milk is lightly sweet and tasty without any added or removed ingredients. What you hold in your hand will be a glass of goodness that fills your body and your heart up! Each bottle contains essential active nutrients you’ll absolutely love.

- Creates Antioxidant Enzymes in the body & improves Glycemic Control

- 3X More Vitamin C than Cow's Milk

- Lower in Total & Saturated fat content compared to Cow's Milk

- Multiple vitamins and benefits contained in this bottle! 

Our camels are treated with care and love, and you will taste that in every sip of the milk,