Powder Milk (International Only)

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Milk Powder (200g)

Made from 100% Premium Camel Milk!

It contains no added ingredients, and it promises great delicious taste in every scoop as our liquid form milk products!

Camel Milk Powder from Australia

Camel Milk is a great way to get plenty of value out of this incredibly tasty, highly nutritious product. The powder allows you to make ample amounts of milk whenever you need it, and it lasts for a longer period of time than liquid milk forms. Camilk is one of Australia and the world’s most prominent suppliers of high quality camel milk, and we have a range of products, including that of our powdered version, available to buy at our online store.

Order your selection of delicious camel milk powder today and experience its awesomeness for yourself!

Why is Camel Milk So Good?

Apart from the obvious, that being that camel milk is incredibly tasty, it’s also really, really good for you. A much healthier alternative to regular milk, camel milk contains a range of health benefits that your body will simply love you for. Camel milk contains three times as much Vitamin C as cow milk, as well enzyme producing and helping to improve glycemic control.

People the world over are making the switch to this healthy milk alternative. We are getting responses from cafes from London to Marrakesh, Los Angeles and beyond saying how much people are loving our milk and how much better they feel for it.

When you try our powdered camel milk, you’ll feel the difference for yourself!

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